Setting Up A Netflix Account

A Netflix account provides you with Internet streaming on-demand. In order to get a free Netflix account, you would need a computer or a mobile device that has a web browser program, an internet connection, and an email account.

Among the benefits of having a Netflix login are that it can be accessed at any time in any and all web browsers so you can be entertained at any time of the day by television shows and movies and you do not have to wait for your shows at its designated time—you can just schedule it when it is convenient for you.

Found below are the instructions and screenshots in a step by step fashion, to assist you in getting your own Netflix member login.

• Open a web browser program and go to the Netflix home page at

• Once the page has loaded, you will see the Netflix sign in webpage on picture number 1. Click on the “Start Your Free Month” link.

netflix login

• It may happen that you might see someone else’s Netflix member sign in and not the sign-up page. If this happens, sign out first and then refresh the website. If you still cannot see the sign-up page, worse comes to worst, delete the cache, cookies, and/or passwords of your web browser or try loading the page on another web browser.

• Put in your email address and a Netflix login password containing 4 to 60 characters then click on “Register”. You also have the option of creating an account through Facebook if you already have a Facebook sign in

• Make sure that you have not used this email to sign up for Netflix previously. Netflix will check if the email was already used before.

• A Netflix account is not greatly different from your other online accounts. As said formerly, it would require a password, so that other people would not have access to any of your private and/or sensitive information. Research for some tips on how to create strong passwords. These passwords must be hard to figure out. As you put in your password in the field, the characters will be replaced by dots.

• If you decide to sign in through Facebook, click on “Sign-up with Facebook”. Note that you would have to authorize Netflix to access your Facebook account.

netflix my account

• If you choose either option to sign-up with Netflix, then congratulations! You now have a Netflix account! Just remember that to receive the premium services that Netflix offers, you would have to pay for them. If you encounter any problems, feel free to call the Netflix phone number.

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